How To

Here's some help tying and re-tying your Headwrap Bows.

* This technique can also be used to re-tie the bow on your Big Bow Turbans

  1. tie bow in a single knot around leg (in a spot that is the same size you your child’s head) or child's head *if tying a Turban bow, hold Turban between legs. For Big Bow turbans, follows instructions to tie and hide the seam. For Ruffle Bow turbans, DO NOT tie the knot in step 1* 
  2. fold right end (bottom piece) in half  *bottom piece if tying a Turban bow
  3. wrap left (top) end around as if tying a regular bow
  4. continue to pull left (top) end completely through 
  5. tuck end of left piece back through the front of the loop you just made to create bow
  6. fluff bow and even sides and ends

Ready to wear!